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What to write and what NOT to write on your facebook page?

Okay I’m mostly writing this blog so you are aware of what information is acceptable to put on your facebook page these days. There are three factors that you need to consider when updating your status or thinking about sharing information on any social networking site. Who is going to see it; What consequences could this have on others; and what affect will it have on you.

First of  all, Yes we all know most of our extended family and those closest to us, but out of every facebook friend there is a chance that you might not know every single one of them and how they might use any details you divulge within    your daily status update, not to mention the public viewing of these things which you probably don’t know how to fix just check this link to get step by step instructions on turning your facebook private. If you still choose to have a   public profile, don’t bother attending a job interview with slack status updates such as “didn’t get up till 2pm today, still hanging out in my jamaz, so unmotivated.” In fact my sister, when working for a bakery, got sacked just for liking a rival bakery on her facebook page (They were later charged with unfair dismissal) this proves that consequences of certain actions even on social networking sites can be serious.

Second of all, I know in this dog eat dog world people sometimes don’t stop to think of others. Put yourself in this situation of an enemy spending their spare time harassing you, constant battles with your friends/co-workers or even just letting out information better left unsaid for the whole world to see. Think about how you would feel? And think about whether you really wish to inflict this pain on others, even your worst enemy. If they are spending their time status updating every five seconds, insults towards you, the response is definitely no response in fact an update with a positive vibe is definitely the way to go. As they are getting a right state trying to think of a follow-up status for “All she ever does is bitch and moan, she never thinks of others.” Status update something like “Havin a cuddle with my cat, can’t think of anything I love more.” In fact if their status updates get to hefty just pm them with a link here….. they might get the hint!

Third of all, you need to know that the most common factors to degrading in the social hierarchy  or self esteem loss are due to the status updates most people make about themselves. “Shooting yourself down” is a way people use to engage reassurance about themselves from others. But you have to remember that all 387+ of your facebook friends are not going to feel like talking you up about yourself. In fact many will find a laugh in just agreeing with you for the sheer hell of it. So when you type “Today I’m feeling like a fat, ugly cow,” don’t expect all comments to be a bunch of cherry roses. Sure some friends will write  “You could never be such a thing, your beautiful!” But others aren’t so concerned with your feelings and may not write a particularly nice comeback and then all your friends start a big ass bitching match in the middle of your pretty timeline. But even if you don’t have any nasty insults on there, you might notice one of your very best friends are online and not bothering to comment on how lovely you really are. This is will piss you off way more, and bring you down to a whole different level of low-esteem.

Just avoid, self-reassuring status updates where the whole world can view them. If you need a pick-me-up private message your besties and have a chat to them because that’s what they are there for.


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