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TURNED! The original movie script!


Scene one-

Brooke: (voice over) In a world where magic doesn’t exist, creatures from the underworld have a haven to survive.

Invercargill was the place filled of lost dreams, failed careers, despair and pure loneliness. A place where magic was only read about in distant and faraway lands. People seemed content on the outside but there was a strange emptiness that had dragged them to this small town at the very bottom of the world.


And I was returning

shows entering Invercargill in the car. Brooke is in the passengers seat, music playing on the car radio. Views of Invercargill as they drive home.


They pull into the Driveway. Cuts to Dhonna pulling suitcase out of the boot.

Dhonna: Jump upstairs and sort your old room out, I will bring your bags up. Your wardrobe is a bit full but I put some draws in there for you.

Brooke: Thanks Dhonna. It will be bigger than the Dorm rooms anyway.

Dhonna: I’m sure, so you’re glad to be back in Invercargill then?

Brooke: I don’t know yet. The weathers not as bad as I remember.

Dhonna: (laughing) its summer remember. The old place still freezes up in winter. Amelia and Sam are climatising to the weather in Melbourne quite nicely.

Brooke: Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot to ask, how are your kids doing?

Dhonna: Their dad just found a flat in Altona, it’s really close to their new school

Brooke: They must be getting big by now.

Dhonna: Yeah, they aren’t babies any longer, I’m quite glad to have you back, I was getting all a bit lonely.

Brooke: I’m just so glad I’ve got a cousin who doesn’t mind when I turn up on her door step.

Dhonna: Anytime brooke, I’ll get your bags, you go ahead upstairs and don’t go messing with my research in the wardrobe.

Scene 2:

Set in Brooke’s bedroom, TV going, CV’s scattered around the bed, she’s shuffling through her CVs

Cuts to a gaggle of girls, the group of Silvi in casual clothing huddled in the bush below Brooke’s window

Jhaia: Shut up! She will hear us!

Pagan: But we should talk to her. (she turns to Jhaia) Told you she was back.

Jhaia: No! Not yet we are just here to check on her.

Pagan: She needs to be warned. We need her.

Jhaia: Not yet!

Pagan: What do we do then?

Jhaia: I’ll work it out

Briar: Pagan…… Jhaia, Shhhhhhhhhhshh she’s heard us.

They all look up. Brooke is standing at the window looking up.

Jhaia: Pagan, Briar, you stay on watch here, I don’t trust the air tonight. KC, Tahlia, Liz, your coming with me

Others walk off

Briar: Who put her in charge?

Pagan: I don’t know, but honestly I can’t wait until Brooke jumps on board.

Offscreen hiss of disapproval from Jhaia.

Scene 3

Dimitri, Ethan and Shane are walking home alongside the side of the road.

Ethan: So I saw you staring at Pagan back at the pub Shane! Whats all happening there?

Shane: Im allowed to look! Unlike you who just stares at anything walking past.

Ethan: I’ve Gotta keep the old options open.

Shane: Well I’m starting to get older now , ones probably to much to handle for me, Don’t you reckon Dimitri?

Dimitri: I’ve got enough to handle supervising you lot down at work. I’ve got to make sure none of you slip of for an early  beer’o’clock.

Shane: (laughing) eh? That was once! And Ethan made us! We’re the best crew you could find!

Dimitri: I don’t know about the best crew but….. You guys will do!

(walking past bush)

Dimitri: shhhhh, can you hear that

(Bush rustles)

The boys all stop. Lou walks out of the bush rambling to himself and walking across the road.

The group of boys laugh and continue on.

Scene 4

Pub/Music lounge suite. Group of Coryphee at a close table to the bar. Dhonna with beer at the bar.

Jeremy: (talking about Dhonna)  We come for a quiet drink after work and that loud cow just sits there and bugs the hell out of Carly.

Corey: So? Jeremy…. why do you care?

Jeremy: I just don’t like her attitude, she hates on everyone.

Corey: Or is this just about Carly?

Jeremy: No! I just think that Dhonna needs a good session with the AA downtown.

Dimitri: There is nothing wrong with having a quiet drink, she doesn’t have any kids at home anymore.

Corey: But yet a quiet drink doesn’t seem to come naturally to her these days.

Ethan: But guys (he leans in) I’m sure she has someone with her at home now, the light was on in the spare room when I drove past last night.

Corey: It’s probably just one of the kids visiting from Aus

~Cuts to a shot of Dhonna at bar~

Dhonna: Yeah its only been a week and she has already got herself a job at the cafe next door.

Carly: Well thats just great to hear doll, Is it nice having her around?

Carly opens her another beer.

Dhonna: Of course having her around is real nice. She is a bit of a city girl now so I don’t know how long she will last.

Carly: Oh, that’s a shame.

Dhonna: I would usually agree but I’ve been feeling trouble  brewing lately and really I want her as far away as possible from any danger.

Carly: Now Dhonna, you might have had just one too many now.

Dhonna: No! No I haven’t! (Starts raving on) I bet it is those dam coryphee swimming in our rivers again. Filthy Vile Creatures.

Carly: (Playing along) I think you have the story wrong there Dhonna, the Silvi are meant to be the bad guys.

Dhonna: It’s no story Carly, I’m a descendant of the Silvi and I tell you, I can feel those dam Coryphee giving me the Hebejebezz when I walk home at night. And I’ve walked through that park loads of times over the years and never felt anything of the sort….. They’re back I tell ya, They’re back.

Scene 5:

A more complex scene shot in the park, in the dark, Dhonna is stumbling home from the pub. Lou is a witness to the whole scene from the bushes. You see the kids sleeping behind him aswell.

Camera shoots to Dhonna stumbling through the park drunkenly. She stops on Bridge and heards the water movement/splash.

She goes to walk off the bridge and then sees the two coryphee blocking the way.

Dhonna: Get out of my way SLIME!

Ethan and Shane smile at each other

Ethan: Try me…. Please

Ethan and Shane both screech….

Dhonna: Screw you!

Cuts to Lou slowly closing the bushes in front of him and the children, Adam and Sandra asleep on the ground behind him.

Scene 6:

Cafe scene with Brooke and Carly waitressing

Pagan: (walks in) Brooke! Your back! (walks over and gives her a hug)

Brooke: Pagan! Whats been happening?

Pagan: Its Invercargill, so everythings hot gossip!

Brooke: I reckon, so how are the kids doing?

Pagan: Not kids anymore, all hit the teenage years now but one. Bit of a handful. They’re on their way down, can I grab a coffee before they get here?

Brooke: Sure! But it might be a little to late. (she gestures towards the door)

KC, Tahlia and Liz enter.

KC: Guys! Aunty Brookes back!

Tahlia: Aunty Brooke!

They all run up to her

Brooke: Wow you guys have grown up heaps. You know you don’t have to call me Aunty anymore! Its starting to make me sound old.

Liz: Haha, Aunty Brooke, you are getting old.

Pagan: Right you lot! What would you like to drink?

Liz: We’ll just grab some hot chocolates.

Brooke: Carly, I’m gonna take a break, can you bring over some hot chocolates for the girls please?

Carly: No worries Brooke, I’m on it!

Brooke sits down at table with Pagan, etc. They start talking between each other. Camera is aimes on Carly making the coffee.

Dimitri, Ethan and Shane walk in. They all get bottles of water from the counter and take a seat. The cafe is filled with chatter and Carly bring over hot chocolates.

The door swings open and Lou enters looking a bit nervous. Shoots to Pagan’s and Brooke’s table and they all watch Lou enter.

Liz: I feel sorry for him, he seems so lonely

KC: and smelly… (the three of them laugh)

Pagan: KC! He’s homeless, he doesn’t have a place to shower.

Tahlia: There are plenty of rivers around

Brooke: Maybe he’s scared of water.

Liz: Life must be a little hard from him though.

They turn back to restart conversation. Lou is looking around, finds noone looking, he grabs a few pieces of wrapped food and stuffs them in his satchel. Then Pagan’s table look up as he runs out the door.

Carly: (shoots to Brooke) Brooke! He did a runner with the morning’s prep!

Brooke: I’ll handle it! (Jumps up and heads towards the door but before she reaches the door Dimitri stands in her way)

Dimitri: It’s Brooke right? Your working! Stay here and we’ll deal with it. Right guys?

Ethan and Shane nod and all of them leave Brooke staring into blank space. Dimitri and co. run out the door with their bottles of water still open in their hands. Carly walks to Brooke’s side.

Carly: (whispering and smiling) Brooke! Close your mouth!

Brooke: But he knew my name?

Carly: He’s the Hot shot round, he knows everyone’s name

Brooke: Your right he’s probably taken.

Carly: (chuckling) What? Him being good looking and all?

 Camera shoots to the boys exiting the cafe and they stop to co-ordinate their bearings. They look up and down  the road then take off in a direction following Dimitri.

They start seeing sausage rolls and pies on a trail leading them to Lou. They soon gain on him and he’s chowing down a sausage roll.

A bit of water spills out of Dimitris bottle onto his hand and suddenly Lou runs into a block of solid air.

Lou is knocked unconscious.

Ethan and Shane turn up beside Dimitri who is bending over Lou.

Ethan: Dude! He only stole some food! You didn’t need to knock him out!

Dimitri: It wasn’t me! Its just like he hit a wall or something….. weird.

Ethan and Shane give each other a knowing look behind Dimitri’s back

Scene 7:

Dimitri and Brooke are sitting at the pub.

Dimitri: …. You know not many girls actually drink beer.

Brooke: Its all we could stash into the dorm rooms at Uni. I got use to it and now I just enjoy it.

Dimitri: Did you want anything to eat? They make pretty awesome food here.

Brooke:  Eatings cheating. But I suppose I’m pretty hungry.

Dimitri: Now I thought that was only a southland secret.

Brooke: I was brought up here, so I think I’m allowed to be part of the secrets.

Dimitri: So how come I never saw you around school? I’m sure a pretty little thing like you would have taken my fancy at one point or another.

Brooke: I was home schooled by my uncle along with my cousins, Dhonna and Kaiyan.

Dimitri: Oh your Billy’s neice? The one that came to stay after….

Brooke: My parents drowned.

Dimitri: Oh I really know how to stick my foot in it.

Brooke: (laughing)  Keep digging Dimitri.

Dimitri: It was nice of your boss to let Lou of the hook.

Brooke:  (A surprised facial expression due to the subject change)Yeah well it took a bit of convincing but I think he knew from the start Lou couldn’t afford to repay him.

Dimitri: I’ve seen him around before, round the park, I think he might live there.

Brooke:  Its crazy to think that there are actual homeless people in Invercargill.

Dimitri: Hey,we better order and not starve your genius brain.

Scene 8:

This scene starts with Brooke and Dimitri hand in hand walking home through the park. They talk and giggle and laugh. (far away camera shot)

Brooke: You know I am quite capable of walking home myself.

Dimitri: But then I wouldn’t have gotten to show you my favourite place.

Brooke: You favourite place?

Dimitri: Yeah, I wanted to show it to you.

Brooke: Wait… wait…. wait. Your favourite place is (pauses slightly trying to stifle a giggle) is in Invercargill?

Dimitri: (smiling) I’ve not travelled far, so yea it is in Invercargill. (They cross over the bridge at this point and Dimitri stops her and lets go of her hand)

Brooke: (looking around) So can we see something from here or something?

Dimitri: (Grabbing her hand) Its here, just here, the water…. its so comforting to me and with you here Brooke….. Its perfect.

 He leans down to kiss her but just before their lips touch, Dimitri pulls away with a different expression on his face, almost worried. He makes a vague sniffing noise.

Dimitri: I’ve never smelt that around here before.

Brooke: (ignoring the comment) So someone walked through here with bad BO, Big deal. (laughs and pulls him back towards her)

Dimitri: (Pulls away again) Just wait a minute.

He pulls away from her and strides over to a nearby bush.

Brooke: (snotty) Well if you didn’t want to kiss me, you just needed to say so.

She strides over to him to abuse him more.

Dimitri: Brooke! DON’T LOOK!

Brooke: (Angrily) Look at what? …… AHHHHHHH!!!!

Dimitri shields her with a hug.

Brooke: Is….. is that…..?

Dimitri: She’s your cousin right?

Scene 9:

Dimitri leaves Brooke at the door at her house.

Dimitri: Are you sure your gonna be okay? It’s just I’m going to have to talk to the detective.

Brooke: I’ll be fine! I just need a bit of rest and then I’ll give my cousins a ring.

Dimitri leands down and kisses her on the head.

Dimitri: I’ll be down first thing in the morning.

He walks out then, Brooke rushes to the window and watches him get in his car and drive off.

She then hurries to the wardrobe where she grabs the “research” out. Pictures of trees and stuff with the Silvi. She drops a bit of it and a necklace falls out. She wraps the necklace around her neck and then she looks up in full Silvi outfit.

Scene 10:

Ethan and Shane are sitting by the river. Throwing and skipping stones while having a conversation.

Ethan: We aren’t meant to be like this, we are meant to be the good guys.

Shane: We are the good guys…. killing of the bad guys.

Ethan: Did we have to …… kill her?

Shane: Yes we did, she was a supporter you heard her at the bar! It’s a wonder she wasn’t growing branches out of her nipples the way she worships those forest demons.

Three Silvi (Brooke, Jhaia and Pagan)

Jhaia: (sarcastically) Demon? Did you hear that girls? …. Demon? I mean really? Beautiful, magical, Gorgeous…. so many choices and you choose DEMON (now really angry)

Pagan: Settle down! Jhaia! (Brooke walks forward angrily and Pagan looks at her confused) Brooke.

Brooke: Yea we heard that! And I’m sure I heard something about my cousin’s nipples. But now she is dead….. and I’ve got a feeling its all your fault.

Jhaia: What do you reckon, an eye for and eye girls don’t you think?

Brooke: And how about in this case we charge interest.

Ethan: Your all sick! (screeches angrily)

Brooke: Demons don’t get sick!!

The Silvi advance on the Coryphee and the fall into battle

Scene 11:

The Coryphee are gathered together around the side of the river and Dimitri comes running up to the group.

Dimitri: Guys! I just heard, is it really them?

Jeremy: (Stepping in front of Dimitri) Stop Dude, Ethan’s mutilated and Shane’s barely alive, you don’t wanna see this.

Dimitri: Mutilated? thats sick, who did this?

Jeremy: We just got here, don’t know anymore than you do mate.

Dimitri: What’s wrong with this town? First Dhonna and now Eth…. Well… (Shivers and trys to change subject) Whats with the new bling? (spotting the necklaces dangling from the guys necks)

Corey: They’re an emblem for Ethan, we got one for you to.

Corey hands him the necklace.

Dimitri: It’s different to yours though.

Corey: Yea, cause your kind of the boss of our lot, so your ones bigger than ours.

Dimitri: Well we better go down and make sure Maria is okay. She will be taking Ethan’s death hard, it was her only brother. But thanks for this (gesturing towards his necklace) I’m sure I saw Ethan wearing one just like this.

Scene 12:

Lou is in the bushes sitting there pulling up one of the blankets on the kids. He senses something and looks through the hole in the bushes. Rubbing his hands together to show the cold. He spots something running up and down the rivers edge. Shows Lou with widened eyes then its starts zooming in on Dimitri in full coryphee outfit.

Shows eyes again.

And then a full shot of the necklace and then Dimitri dives into the river. He drags himself back to shore and lies on the side of the river. Lou kinda starts to creep around the bush.

Scene 13:

Cafe- Brooke is consoling Dimitri

Dimitri: He’s been my best mates for years, I just can’t believe He’s….He’s gone.

Brooke: (attempting a joke) Well I suppose when they weren’t being complete morons they were okay but thats just the male species these days…..

Dimitri: (angrily) Just because you didn’t like them, it doesn’t giver you any right to disrespect them.

Brooke: That’s not how it meant to come out. I was just trying to….

Dimitri: To make a joke! Great timing Brooke!

Dimitri storms out and Brooke follows him.

Brooke: (screams) What is your problem?

Dimitri: (sarcastically) Oh I don’t know it might be the fact that I’ve got one mate in a coffin and the other in Intensive care.

Lou walks past smiling.

Brooke: You don’t think I don’t know what your going through. Dhonna dies last night as well or did you forget that? Now go on home to that pack of yours.

She turns on her heel and walks back into the cafe and goes back to work.

Lou wanders around the cabinets looking at the food and being watched closely by Carly. The camera shoots over to the coryphee table. Sitting there is Jeremy,Corey, Rose and Carly. They are leaning in drawn into deep conversation.

Jeremy: It’s 10 day after his transformation so it would mean that we have until the Monday after next.

Rose: Jeremy, as much as you like filling Ethan’s shoes, I hope you remember that he had and actual  brain, because think about there is a big hole in that theory.

Jeremy: And what made you so smart all of a sudden, Rose?

Carly: Lay off her Jeremy, its kind of more logical if its 10 days after HER transformation.

Corey: That does make more sense, plus we don’t even know if that was really Dimitri in the water last night, his thoughts were pretty blank.

Jeremy: (snapping) Of course it was him, we all remember our first day after the turn, it was all a but fuzzy, but the next time he turns, his thoughts will recognise ours and the Silvi will have…..

Lou interrupts

Lou: ( leaning down to whisper to the table of coryphee, he pauses before finally saying) I’ve got something

Jeremy: Well you might have to be a bit more specific, and hurry up about it (he screws his nose up) When was the last time you bathed?

Lou: (ignoring the comment) I’ve got something to sell you.

Jeremy: We’re not interested in your junk.

Lou: But its real Sapphire.

He pulls out the necklace. The girls gasp and close their tops over their necklaces.

Corey: Where did you get that from?

Lou:(pulls in chair to tell his story) Well you that Dimitri, he transformed into a fish or something, he almost drowned himself when he went walking right on in to the river….. (gloating) But I saved him. I dragged him out looking all weird so I took this off him and he just woke up, freaked out and ran off. Figured he didn’t really need this so here I am bringing it to you….guys  to buy off me.

Jeremy: So you stole this of my Best mate and then you make up some ridiculous story and then you expect us to buy this off you. You can’t be serious?

Lou: I saved his life! And it isn’t some…. story, its true. He will be back again tonight, same spot. I can feel it.

Jeremy: Alright what time should we meet you at the river mouth.

Lou: Just after dark boys…

Lou exits.

Dimitri storms back in grumpy

Dimitri: Well thats it, I’m officially over dating. Those girls are just trouble. So its just us boys and ……(he spots Carly and Rose) Well you two are alright….

Jeremy: That bad huh?

Dimitri nods and picks up his glass of water that is sitting in front of him.

Corey: (voice over) >reads partial menu<

Dimitri: What did you say dude? (looking at Corey)

Corey: I said nothing man.

Dimitri picks up menu and camera view of the part that Corey was reading. Dimitri freaks out and leaves in a hurry. Lou is watching from the corner table.

Jeremy: (punches Corey in the arm) What did you do that for?

Corey: Just testing a theory. (smiling)

Jeremy: So guys here’s the plan for tonight….

Then lean in together and the camera zooms out.

Scene 14:

Coryphee and Lou are gathered behind a bush next to the river.

Lou: This is where I saw him last night (he points) right there.

Jeremy: Shut up! We get the picture Lou, but I can’t see him tonight, can you guys?

Rose: Doesn’t seem to be showing tonight, Shame, I would have really liked to see Dimi….

Lou: Shhhh! Look! Here he comes now!

Dimitri walks onscreen up the river mouth is a trance and walks into the river to knee depth, walks out again lying on the side of the river and falls back to sleep.

Carly: (laughing) Well that was a bit of a disappointed, not even one gill huh?

Jeremy: Now you’ve shown us a Dimitri Sleepwalking, how about you go back and crawl under your bush.

Lou: Fine, I don’t need your bunch to believe me. I’ve got stuff to do, you can manage  him tonight. (Rethinks and pauses) Actually let him drown for all I care.

As Lou leaves, Rose catches him and starts trying to flirt with him while getting the necklace from his pocket.

Rose: Look I’m really sorry, I believe you and the boys shouldn’t have treated you like that.

Lou: So?

Rose: So My names Rose (reaches her hand out)

Lou: (doesn’t take her hand and turns his back)Do I look like I care what your name is. I have no business with you or them. (he gestures towards the others)

Rose reaches into his pocket while his back is turned.

Rose: Well that works for me. (And walks off with the necklace in her hand in a huff)

Lou walks off none the wiser. Rose rejoins the group.

Jeremy : Did you get it?

Rose: (grumpy) Did you ever doubt me? You’ve got a lady on your team for a reason.

Carly: Well we better help him before, you know, the tide comes up and he drowns.

They proceed to the side of the river and Jeremy and Corey drag Dimitri onto the side of the river.

Rose pulls the necklace over Dimitri’s neck. Dimitri is still vaguely unconscious.

Rose: You outta look after this a little better because I so never want to be anywhere near that smell again.

Dimitri moves. rolls over coughs

Carly: (bends down) Dimitri, its time to wake up.

~Scene cuts to Silvi~

Brooke is lying on the ground, Zoom face shot and she opens her eyes.

Jhaia: That’s right Brooke, It’s time to wake up.

Brooke sits up.

Brooke: Where am I?

Jhaia: In the forest.

Brooke: Jhaia? Is that you? What are you doing here? (Rubbing her eyes)

Jhaia: We bought you here.

Brooke: (angry) You kidnapped me?

She gets up and Jhaia roughly chucks her to the ground.

Jhaia: Don’t be stupid! We’re your friends!

Briar: Brooke, Just look down.

Brooke looks down at herself in full Silvi Outfit

~Cuts to Coryphee~

Dimitri: What the…..? (finds himself looking like a full coryphee and jumps up in fright, then grabs Jeremy shakes him) What did you do to me?

Jeremy: (Flings him off him) You idiot, we’re trying to help you!

Dimitri: Help me what?

Corey: We’re trying to show you who you are!

Dimitri: (pushing past him)I know who I am!(Just spots Rose and Carly) What are you doing here? What sort of screwed up prank is this? And…. And….. who dressed me?

Rose: (laughing) How about you just take your necklace off.

Dimitri: (looks down a little suprised and whips it off and then turns back into his pyjamas) I never thought I’d be so glad to see my pajamas again.

Carly: Now put it back on Dimitri.

Dimitri: No, I like this better.

Rose: Well as cool as your pyjamas are, I think you need to put it back on before a girl like me forces you to.(she clips her necklace back on. Turns full coryphee and the rest of the group follow.)

Dimitri: What? You’re a Coryphee? Out of the old legends? But your….. you can’t be….

Carly: Well we are, as are you (She steps forward, grabs the necklace and heads towards him to put it on)

~Cuts to Silvi~

Brooke: But that’s just a myth. Silvi can’t actually exist!

Pagan: Oh come on Brooke, we don’t look like a myth really do we?

Brooke: So this isn’t some deformed plan to humiliate me is it?

Jhaia: Oh come on now, we wouldn’t have bothered to dress for the occasion aswell if we had been “Just kidding”.


Briar: (Whispers to Pagan) I dunno, Jhaia tends to go quite overboard sometimes.

Pagan:  I think uncontrollable is a better word…… (Catches Jhaia staring and shuts her mouth fast)

Jhaia: (turns around and strides over to Briar and gets in her face pushing her against the tree) Don’t ruin a delicate situation with your insults. You seem to forget how good our hearing is Briar.

Brooke is trying to sneak off.

Pagan: Jhaia, you need to explain to Brooke what she’s really doing here.

Jhaia rushes over to  Brooke.

Jhaia: Can you not feel it Brooke? It’s amazing! The powers we have!

Brooke: (at this point Brooke looks up) You really are pulling some sick joke.

Jhaia rushes to a nearby tree and pulls off a branch roughly.

Liz, Tahlia, KC (scream): NO!

KC: Don’t hurt her!

Jhaia: (kicks the tree) Now scream!

The whole lot of the Silvi cover their ears and collapse to their knees yelling.

Jhaia: (still on her feet laughing) Hear it echo!

They stop yelling, Pagan strides over and grabs the stick angrily from Jhaia.

Pagan: That’s enough! (She places the branch next to the tree and pats it down the side.)

Jhaia: (Ignores Pagan and walks back to Brooke who is still on her knees) You see… we have the power of every source in the forest. We can communicate with every last tree.

Brooke: (sniffles) You hurt that tree really bad. I can still hear her she’s in pain. (she pushes Jhaia angrily) You took her limb off!

Jhaia: (smiling)  You wanna see what else we can do?

~Cuts to Coryphee~

Water splashes into Corey’s face.

Dimitri: I did that! Yeah! (punches the air)

Corey: Yeah woopdeedoo (sarcastically)

Rose: Works well for you Corey.

Corey: Shut up Rose!

Jeremy: Manipulation the water elements isn’t the onlyy power you’ve got…… We totally can share each others thoughts.

Dimitri: How does that even work? I can’t hear yours at the moment.

Carly: Just dip your toe in the water.

Dimitri: (walks over to the water and dips his foot in the water, back turned) and now what?

Carly walks over and puts her feet in the water.

Carly: (voice over) Now you can hear me!

Dimitri: (jumps) Thats seriously freaky, your mouth didn’t even move…. wait a minute (he whips around) Corey?

Corey: Sorry dude, I was just testing you out.

Dimitri: I thought I was going insane.

Corey: We all did when we first turned.

~Cuts to Silvi~

Brooke: Turned? So how long am I going to be like this? I’ve got work in the morning.

Jhaia: Your will start being able to control your changes in a few days, until then as long as you wear your emblem your going to change every night.

Brooke: So if we are real then does that mean that the …..

Pagan: The coryphee are real to. And they are really out to destroy us. We’ve come across a few already. But never mind….. we’ve got more pressing matters before daylight hits.

Jhaia: Brooke, we bought you here for a reason.

Brooke: I suppose it is nice to wake to a bunch of friends in the same outfits. So whats the problem?

Briar: The Leader’s Oath.

Brooke: So who is the leader?

~Cuts to Coryphee~

Dimitri: But I don’t know how to be a Coryphee let alone lead a whole group of you.

Jeremy: Ok well if you dont want to accept the responsibilities I can…..

Corey: He does so don’t even try that Jeremy… Your getting as bad as Ethan and Shane.

Dimitri: It can’t be much different to work right?

Rose: That’s right, no difference to work, except your in charge of a couple of girls aswell.

Dimitri: Alright so this Leaders Oath?

~Cuts to Silvi~

Jhaia: Brooke, are you sure you want to do this?

Pagan: She’s sure, now just do it!

They join hands as a group.

Jhaia: Right Brooke, repeat after me.

Scene 15:

Dimitru running up behind Brooke who is walking up the street,

Dimitry: Wait, Brooke! Wait up!

Brooke: I’m on my way to work, and I’m not talking to you.

Dimitri: (caught up to her) You kind of are you know.

Brooke: No I’m not.

Dimitri: (Grabs her) Brooke!

Brooke: (yelling) What?!? (close to tears)

Dimitri: I’m sorry

Brooke: Why? For being a complete Douche?

Dimitri: A Douche? (laughing) well if that is the best you can come up with I can’t complain.

Brooke: Yeah, well you were.

Dimitri: I’ve been so tired and I never meant to snap. I’m so sorry, Brooke.

Brooke: It’s all good

Dimitri: No it not, how about I make it up to you after you finish work?

~Cuts to night~

Dimitri and Brooke are walking hand in hand through the park.

Dimitri: See I told ya I’d make it up to you.

Brooke: I don’t quite know if Maccaz really makes up for it. But its a start I suppose.

Dimitri: (starts acting really awkward and turns to Brooke) Brooke (takes her hand) … I just want to…..

Jeremy: (yelling from offscreen) Dimitri!

Jeremy and Corey run up to him.

Corey: Hey Dimitri!

Dimitri: Hey Guys! Where are the tag-a-longs?

Jeremy: They’re waiting, are you coming?

Dimitri: Tonight? … its just Brooke and I…..

Brooke: No its all good. Jhaia is expecting me to hang out with her anyway.

Dimitri: You sure?

Corey: You just heard her (grabs his arm) She’s all good (starts dragging him off)

Dimitri: Well I guess I’ll see ya tommorrow.

Brooke: (laughing) Sure.

Scene 16:

Brooke and the girls are dressed as Silvi playing and running through the trees happily.

Brooke: Wow this is amazing! You can hear everything! Like everything.

Liz: It’s cool aye Aunty Brooke.

Tahlia: Game of tag guys?

KC shoots over to Tahlia, tags her and disappears.

KC: (offscreen) YOUR IN TAHLIA!

Tahlia: Cheater! (runs offscreen)

Jhaia walks over to Brooke

Jhaia: Its just a game to them. But Brooke it’s not just a game. Not anymore.

Brooke: Is this about the Coryphee.

Jhaia: No well not really. Its about you being the leader.

Brooke: Look all the others don’t mind and I took the Oath so its not like I can take it back right now. But I’m sure you can talk to Pagan about it…

Jhaia: No! That’s not at all what I wanted to talk to you about. Its not so much about you as it is about your duties as our leader.

Brooke: My duties?

Jhaia: Brooke, I want you to do something for me.

Brooke: (suspiciously) And whats that?

Jhaia: I want you to close your eyes. Just do it (impatiently) I want you to close your eyes and just imagine all the forestry around Invercargill. Look how the beauty thrives like its alive as one big heart beating right through each limb.

Brooke: I almost feel like it beating through me as well.

Jhaia: Its our magic, the forest is our source. The forest dies, and our magic fades with it as punishment for not protecting those who made us. But those heartbeats, they’re numbered….

Brooke: But its all so green and lush its not ready to go yet. (eyes still closed, a little hypnotised) How do we save it?

Jhaia: Well what keeps a heart beating?

Brooke: Uh…… Love?

Jhaia: (laughs) Its not quite that magical, it need spirit straight from the flesh. The forest, Brooke, needs exactly the same thing as your heart.

Brooke: You don’t mean Blood? Trees can’t produce Blood.

Jhaia: Blood is exactly what I mean, and not just any blood (says dramatically slow) but Pure, spirited, youthful, HUMAN bood. (then she says quite frankly) Its the only way.

Scene 17:

Jumps to Brooke bursting through the door of ther house stressing out. Breathing intensely and then she lets out a huge frustrated scream. She runs to the wardrobe.

Brooke: Dhonna, I never thought you were crazy but please show me some answers.

She rips through the paperwork. There is a big poster and she unrolls it. There is the title “The 7 human sacrifice- Once a century” She finds a small note attached to it and on it is written, “The Answer is in the Blood”

Brooke: That’s not the answer I wanted…

Then she throws the note on the floor and lets out a deep breath.

Scene 18:

All the Boy Coryphee are sitting around in a park.

Dimitri: I thought you said the girls were going to be here?

Jeremy: They were but we told them to take the night off, so its just us boys.

Dimitri: Okay, so now you have me on my own, I know you guys too well, so whats the problem boys?

Corey: Nothing to bad its just….

Jeremy: We want to warn you off Brooke.

Dimitri: But I like Brooke, quite alot actually.

Corey: You’ve just got to be really careful who you fall in love with…. you know being who you are and all.

Jeremy: Sugar coating doesn’t work, Brooke’s cousin, that Dhonna girl, She was a Silvi supporter. She actually like them, and defended them even till the death.

Dimitri: (jumps up) The death? You can’t…. You…..YOU! That was Brooke’s family! She didn’t know what she was saying! Nobody ever believed her anyway.

Jeremy: We didn’t, Ethan and Shane did.

Dimitri: What did the Silvi ever do to you?

Jeremy: (yelling) They’re killer Dimitri, they take 7 humans and murder them in cold blood, then pollute evil into our rivers with their innocent blood! They killed Ethan and Shane.

Corey: Every century we need to fight to save this world from their harm and you, Dimitri, will lead us into battle.

Dimitri: Every century? For how long?

Jeremy: From the start of time I guess! But 1912 we almost destroyed them and the forest because we infiltrated their group.

Dimitri: You sent in a spy?

Jeremy: Kind off, he was a homeless guy that we sent to watch them. Anyway the sacrifice was stopped but somehow the Silvi survived and we lost contact with the spy. They found a way around it….

Dimitri: Brooke? (gazing off, frustrated)

Jeremy: well we suspect but…..

Dimitri: (confused and ignoring him) What? No! Brooke (Points over the road)

Brooke comes running towards him Jeremy storms off with Corey.

Brooke: Dimitri! (still quite teary and cut up) I’m so glad I found you. Listen I need to talk to you about…. well alot really. Well it’s all really confusing .

Dimitri: Deal with your own problems Brooke, I’ve got enough of my own okay?

He storms off!

Brooke: You know what Dimitri! YOU’VE CHANGED! (She yells after him)

Scene 19:

All of the Silvi minus Brooke are crowded in the forest and talking seriously amongst themselves. Brooke enters  through the trees, the Silvi perk up and they await her decision.

Brooke stands there in full Silvi Outfit.

Brooke: So where do we find these lucky humans?

Scene 20:

Basically this scene is a collaboration of all the human sacrifices being plucked up by the Silvi group. Jhaia and Brooke enjoy themselves but Pagan is less than impressed.

Sandra and Adam ( Lou’s kids are taken last)                                          

They coerce the kids into coming with them by saying things like “ come with us we’re fairies, we’ll make all you wishes come true.

Scene 21:

Lou is walking through the park with a bundle of food in his arms and he stops at a bush.

Lou: Kids, I’ve got some food, I lost the necklace so its not that much but its going to fill your stomach…..

He discovers the kids have left their beds empty. He rips his shirt off and zoom shot of his Pixie emblem necklace.

Scene 22:

Coryphee are sitting in the café, Shane’s back with the group.

Shane: Listen Dimitri, I’ve got to tell you something.

Dimitri: We’ve got this sacrifice happening tomorrow, shouldn’t we be focusing on trying to hunt the Silvi down?

Shane: That what it’s about. We’ve been wondering whether to tell you or not.

Dimitri: I’m the head of the coryphee! You’ve got to tell me.

Shane: We know who the head girl is … She tried to kill me and she took Ethan out.

Lou storms into the cafe where the whole coryphee group is sitting.

Lou: (yelling) I knew you’d been up to something being so bloody quiet these last few days. Where the hell are my kids?

Dimitri: Kid? Lou you don’t have kids.


The Coryphee rush out of the Cafe.

Lou: (yells) COWARDS!

Dimitri: I thought it was tommorrow.

Corey: They tried to catch us off guard ….. Lets go.

Scene 23:

Cuts to the of Silvi with the 7 Human sacrifices placed on the trees. The kids and adults are screaming and the Silvi are ignoring them, talking amongst themselves. A shot from face to face of each of the kids.

Brooke: We need to hurry up with this

Brooke becoming agitated and more evil every second.

Jhaia: Trouble’s brewing.

Adam, Sandra: LOU! HELP US! LOU! LOU!

continuous screaming.

Brooke: Shut up!

Brooke slashes a tree with a knife near the children’s heads. Lou stands in the way and fights off Brooke.

Lou: Get off my Kids!

The Silvi laugh at Lou and Brooke takes the knife from him. She slices his arm and licks the blood dripping form the knife. Lou stands in front of the kids and Brooke looks up in surprise.

Brooke: (whispers in revelation) The Answer is in the blood.

One kid screams and frightens Brooke. Brooke runs at her with a knife. But stops suddenly as she looks up and the Coryphee start screaming as they run towards her.


While they fight, Lou unties the prisoners.

Jhaia: (mid-battle) He’s freeing the prisoners.

Brooke: Its okay! Its him we need.

Prisoners hide behind the bush.

Brooke engages in battle with Dimitri and he ends up knocked unconscious on the ground really badly hurt.

All the Silvi have the other Coryphee pinned and Brooke walks up to Lou

Brooke: Your not human, What are you?

Lou: I am Louis, The Protector of the humans, and the leader of the Sprite.

Brooke: There are no more you left so you are no leader, Pixie!

Lou: You killed my Ancestor, The Great Romali, for his blood.

Brooke: We must kill to survive.

Lou: Your true love is dying in front of you, what is there to live for?

Brooke: My what

Lou: Take a second look at your defeated rival!

Dimitri has transformed back into his human self.

Brooke: Dimitri! (She rushes to him.) Dimitri! Wake up!

Corey: You’ve Killed him

Brooke: He’s still breathing!

She rushes over angrily and pins Lou to a tree.

Brooke: You have magic! Save him and I might spare your life

Lou: He isn’t mine to save.

Brooke: Heal him! Save him! I know you can!

Shane: We only transform back if we are on the verge of death!

Jeremy: You forest demon killed Dimitri!

Lou: Why should I bother saving him?

Brooke:  Because I Love him

Dimitri dies.

Pagan: I think hes…. Gone. I’m so sorry Brooke

Brooke: (sinks to her knees in front of Lou) NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Lou: You really loved him.

Brooke: I still love him. Kill me now please…. I don’t want to live anymore

Lou: You need to live with murdering innocents. My children were almost killed by you

Brooke: (begging now) I never wanted them to happen…. please just put me out of my misery

Jhaia: What are you doing Brooke? Dimitri is the Coryphee’s leader! He’s a murderer! Your cousin! Us!

Brooke: We’re murders too! He wouldn’t even be lying here  if you hadn’t manipulated me! Oh Dimitri WAKE UP! (shakes him)


Brooke: No it doesn’t! It stops here! All this stops!

Lou: About bloody time! Sandra! Adam! I need your help! Come heal this one will ya?

The two kids heal Dimitri.

Brooke: DIMITRI…. They’re really saving him? From Death? But if you can do that..

Lou: We can keep your Silvi existence alive and your forests thriving. We just resisted helping you in hope of the end of your evil existence but…. evil isn’t capable of love. However….. (he flicks his eyes towards Jhaia)

Brooke: Bind her Pagan! To the tree…. And leave her.

Jhaia: But the Oath?

Brooke: Yeah I will protect the Silvi, but you are no Silvi. You are nothing to me.

Jhaia: I have more powers than you have brains Brooke, You don’t want to leave me here.

Pagan: We all want to leave you here

Briar: Yeah you forget that we have powers to (gives her a kick)

Dimitri starts walking towards Brooke.

Dimitri: Brooke?

Brooke: Dimitri! (she rushes over) I love you

Dimitri: I love you to.

They kiss for ages….

and the scene fades out…..

Brooke: (voice over) I returned to a place filled with lost dreams, a feeling of failure and despair and discovered that magic thrives underneath it all. Magic isn’t about who you battle, or how you win the fight, its about protecting everything you believe in.



What to write and what NOT to write on your facebook page?

Okay I’m mostly writing this blog so you are aware of what information is acceptable to put on your facebook page these days. There are three factors that you need to consider when updating your status or thinking about sharing information on any social networking site. Who is going to see it; What consequences could this have on others; and what affect will it have on you.

First of  all, Yes we all know most of our extended family and those closest to us, but out of every facebook friend there is a chance that you might not know every single one of them and how they might use any details you divulge within    your daily status update, not to mention the public viewing of these things which you probably don’t know how to fix just check this link to get step by step instructions on turning your facebook private. If you still choose to have a   public profile, don’t bother attending a job interview with slack status updates such as “didn’t get up till 2pm today, still hanging out in my jamaz, so unmotivated.” In fact my sister, when working for a bakery, got sacked just for liking a rival bakery on her facebook page (They were later charged with unfair dismissal) this proves that consequences of certain actions even on social networking sites can be serious.

Second of all, I know in this dog eat dog world people sometimes don’t stop to think of others. Put yourself in this situation of an enemy spending their spare time harassing you, constant battles with your friends/co-workers or even just letting out information better left unsaid for the whole world to see. Think about how you would feel? And think about whether you really wish to inflict this pain on others, even your worst enemy. If they are spending their time status updating every five seconds, insults towards you, the response is definitely no response in fact an update with a positive vibe is definitely the way to go. As they are getting a right state trying to think of a follow-up status for “All she ever does is bitch and moan, she never thinks of others.” Status update something like “Havin a cuddle with my cat, can’t think of anything I love more.” In fact if their status updates get to hefty just pm them with a link here….. they might get the hint!

Third of all, you need to know that the most common factors to degrading in the social hierarchy  or self esteem loss are due to the status updates most people make about themselves. “Shooting yourself down” is a way people use to engage reassurance about themselves from others. But you have to remember that all 387+ of your facebook friends are not going to feel like talking you up about yourself. In fact many will find a laugh in just agreeing with you for the sheer hell of it. So when you type “Today I’m feeling like a fat, ugly cow,” don’t expect all comments to be a bunch of cherry roses. Sure some friends will write  “You could never be such a thing, your beautiful!” But others aren’t so concerned with your feelings and may not write a particularly nice comeback and then all your friends start a big ass bitching match in the middle of your pretty timeline. But even if you don’t have any nasty insults on there, you might notice one of your very best friends are online and not bothering to comment on how lovely you really are. This is will piss you off way more, and bring you down to a whole different level of low-esteem.

Just avoid, self-reassuring status updates where the whole world can view them. If you need a pick-me-up private message your besties and have a chat to them because that’s what they are there for.

Just turned 18 and looking at getting a loan?

First of all,  don’t think of it as getting a loan, basically your chances of paying it back in this economy on time is nil to zero. So first of I want you to think of it as accumulating debt.

Second of all, think about what you need the loan for.

Is it to buy a car? Why do you need this car? Is it to run your mates around because they are all to lazy to get of their bums and get a job? Or is it because you need to get to work or somewhere important? The first reason requires you to have a “Cool” enough car for your mates to see plus your full licence otherwise later down the tracks the fines are going to add up, the second reason requires you to have an economical car so it is viable for you to drive to work every day. Now your 18, probably on minimum wage and 90% of you won’t have your full licence, DO NOT GET A “COOL” CAR! Wait, save up and even when your done saving take your mates with you to “Look” at the car you want then look awesome just handing that amount over in Cash. So worthit! Here is my advice, get your parents or someone with a licence, or use those those feet you had placed there to get to work for two weeks, drop of the radar and stinge out as much as possible. Then buy an “Ole Reliable” for under $1000. Not only could you make this “cool” with a set of dice hanging below the mirror but  your more likely to avoid police attention when your driving after your hours on a restricted or with passengers. Yes avoiding the law is not the way to go usually but I’ve been sitting on my restricted since 2007, plenty of practice.

So we have established that you most probably can’t afford a Subaru WRX or a Nissan Skyline. For example one of my friends has a Subaru legacy worth just over $NZ 6000, each week she pays,

$60 loan repayment

$160 Two tanks worth of gas

$44  3rd party only insurance as it is classed as a Boy racer vehicle

= a total of  $264.00

She earns minimum wage in New Zealand meaning she gets $13.50 p/h and works a 40 hour week plus babysits over the weekend for some of her friends. She gets $540.00 minus tax (102.60) = $437.40 + $40.00 a week for babysitting.

Total income $477.40 – Car expenses $264.00 = $213.40

and when you take  rent ($160.00) off that number she isn’t left with much leeway at the end of the week to pay any extra expenses.

Now I want you to take my second example

My other friend brought a ford laser hatchback, (with the installation of a siren with epic animal sounds) for $700 cash upfront. This is what she pays a week;

$70.00 One tank of gas (this includes the same amount of driving as eg #1)

$11.00 3rd party plus fire and theft on insurance a week

= a total of  $81.00 

Ridiculous savings right! Look at the cold hard fact that you could save for a “Cool” car and not waste any hard earned money on interest and fines while you  still drove the little hatchback around.

What else would you need a loan for? To pay off some overdue bills. Ring up the Power/Telephone company and tell them that this is all you earn a week and your happy to pay it off. After 5-10 weeks the problem will be gone and you won’t need to stress about it anymore. REMEMBER DEBT CAN HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVING LIFE.

Third of all, I want you to think about others. You may not be living with your parents, all out on your own but when a debt gets out of hand everyone will know, Debt collection agencies will contact ALL of your most recent addresses, find next of kin that you wrote on the contract years ago without realising and even just the fear of that can drive you mad.  You don’t want to disappoint your parents especially cause you have just proven to them that you’ve gotten yourself a job or into study and cooking your own meals now. If your behind in rent/power/phone bills  just ask them for a bit of help now before you it gets all out of hand. $100 help out from them now might save them bailing you out of a $4000 debt later down the line. Hell just hand them this blog and say I told you to do it and you were tempted into accumulating debt.

Fourth of all, And this applies to everyone! And I just can’t stress it enough. THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE! Who cares if your only 18 and want to have fun.  Have fun, but realise in the long run a bit of budgeting here and there will let you have fun without feeling guilty, leading to addictions of many kinds. And don’t say it won’t happen to you because it will. You take this path now in your life and there is no return. No mortgage brokers to buy your first house, struggling week to week to make up every payment, No relationship every works out with financial pressure. You will be left with nothing to achieve but financial freedom and that will be a long way off.

The fact that you have made it this far down the page means you are seriously reconsidering getting a loan. I haven’t even explained the hefty interest either but basically if your smart enough research this advice then go a bit further to  realise that Credit is usually available only at a very high interest rate. If you request I can find a few links to more information to this. 


I have written this post due to the fact that I have been in this position before, I have had a no-asset procedure due to the fact that I couldn’t afford my loan repayments and bills started piling up. Now I have no credit rating and I am never going to get ahead in life due to my own folly. My partner of 5 years has been through the same thing and only a week ago was charged for embezzlement of his previous employer up to the sum of $35,000 due to stress of the financial pressure we both put on each other and his Gambling and Alcohol addiction.  I hope that if one person takes this advice and understands the seriousness of this potentially fatal situation then undergo the task of working towards a goal instead of working of the goal then my work here is done.


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